Media Notes: Pulitzers, Blogs, Twitter and Newspapers (and More!)

Our weekly roundup of media news from all over:

The Difference – Today’s THVers join the Twittersphere: @alysoncourtney and @ccrowson016 (Charles Crowson) sign on.

Eyes on the PrizeThe New York Times dominates the Pulitzer Prizes. Also: An Arkansas native wins one for nonfiction. Stacy Sells notes that while this was the first year only-online news sources could compete, none of them won jack.

Newspapers, Kerry’d AwaySen. John Kerry’s gonna help save the newspapers. Here’s Stovall, rightfully worried.

Link Bait! – Wall Street 24/7 discovers that lists = links. So here’s another of its “[insert number here] things that will die soon” lists. Esquire magazine among them.

Get Real Paid – Hold on. Some folks get money for this?

Twitter TV– Local TV news discovers Twitter.

Awl Over But the BloggingGawker all-stars Alex Balk and Choire Sicha launch The Awl, some sort of new blogging thing.

Depends on How You Look At It – Since going online-only, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer has held on to 80 percent of its traffic, which means it lost about 20 percent of its traffic, which is really great/terrible!

Stand BackAn impassioned response/rebuke to another “dammit, newspapers gotta charge for content” newspaper column.

None of Your Business – The business journal in Washington D.C. might be cutting salaries by 5 percent, but they’re not talking! Thankfully, none of that here.


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