The Arkansas Project: Arkansans Who Should NOT Blog:

Would-be bloggers beware

Would-be bloggers beware

Last week, we unveiled (what turned out to be the first draft of) a list of 10 Arkansans Who Should Be Blogging (SBB). We received lots of comments, many of which pointing out how flawed our list was! Still, most made thoughtful suggestions about who was left off the list and who very definitely should be included.

Good News! We plan to reboot that list later this week based on that feedback.

But meanwhile, David Kinkade at The Arkansas Project (whose Photoshop skills grow more formidable day by day) has helpfully compiled the anti-SBB list, a complete guide to folks who absolutely and under no circumstances ever should ever be blogging at all ever and in any amount, none. Period.

Fortunately, we’re not on the list. But if he decides to reboot, we might very well in trouble.

See The Arkansas Project’s full list here.


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