Media Notes: Job Cuts at the Morning News, A Voice Silenced & More

Final edition. (Photo from KTHV)

Final edition. (Photo from KTHV)

Media news from around Arkansas and the nation:

Mourning News – Twitterer Chris Spencer is among nine newsroom staffers at Stephens Media Group’s Morning News to be laid off this week. The newspaper is also implementing a limited furlough program for employees, combining several sections of the newspaper during the week and cutting costs in other ways. Spencer is keeping a chin up, according to his Twitter account. The Arkansas Times has the full memo from management detailing the changes. The Morning News posts its own story on the changes here.

A Voice in the Dark – In other Stephens Media Group news, the company decides to suspend publication of the Saline County’s The Voice newspaper. KTHV’s report is here. Publisher Dennis Byrd tells the TV station that “This was strictly because this newspaper was so young and it was in a competitive market and we knew that going in.” The Voice started under Stephens in 2007. The Benton Courier, The Voice’s competition, remains in business. Byrd says The Voice could re-open if the economy improves.

Deadlines Are Important to NewspapersThe New York Times Co. is sticking to its May 1 deadline to get millions in concessions from union workers at The Boston Globe. If it doesn’t get what it wants, it might close the paper.

Worse – McClatchy, which owners newspapers including the Fort Worth Star-Telegram and the Miami Herald, sees its losses deepen in the first quarter.

Off the Air, Out of a Job – National Public Radio lays off 13 and begins a furlough program of its own. And “Day 2 Day” is still canceled. Sigh.

Unfriending – Yahoo! is pulling the plug on the MySpace-before-there-was-MySpace, GeoCities. The death knell for the animated .gif industry?

Tina Sells Out – Tina Brown’s HuffPo wannabe The Daily Beast finally starts selling advertising. Paying the bills is important.


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