Talking Twitter Tuesday on ‘Today’s THV This Morning’

All a Twitter

All a-Twitter

Tired of Twitter yet? Possibly! But the little microblogging service that could is still generating plenty of buzz — some of it not from bored news editors but people legitimately curious about the service and how it might help their business.

At about 6:20 6:40 a.m.-ish on Tuesday, I’ll give a quick primer on Twitter on “Today’s THV This Morning” and, time permitting, how some Arkansas businesses and other organizations are using the service (which we’ve touched on before on this blog and on the radio). Are you suffering from social media fatique and wondering whether Twitter is for you? Hopefully, we can help you answer that question, as well.

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Hospital Losses, Cuts at St. Vincent & More in Arkansas Business

A quick glance at selected stories from this week’s Arkansas Business:

A $70 million loss at Baptist Health means bond trouble for the health system, the latest in a string of bad news. Still, expansion!

Meanwhile, at St. Vincent, the hospital’s CEO moves forward on a plan to cut 200 positions by June.

Onward and upward! Chris Roberts, founding CEO of Little Rock’s Centennial Bank, has joined Little Rock’s Delta Trust & Bank as president.

More with Pulitzer Prize-winning Arkansas native Douglas Blackmon, who talks to Mark Hengel.

Gwen Moritz on ANB Financial: “Irresponsible borrowers and irresponsible lenders do have a way of finding each other.”

Jim Karrh wraps up his two-parter on e-mail marketing. Tactics and tips to make it sing for your business.

Brave New Restaurant: Still tasty!

The raging wet-dry alcohol issue in Arkadelphia has virtually paralyzed the Daily Siftings-Herald, which has almost stopped covering the debate altogether! God bless newspapers. You’re gonna miss ’em when they’re gone.