Hospital Losses, Cuts at St. Vincent & More in Arkansas Business

A quick glance at selected stories from this week’s Arkansas Business:

A $70 million loss at Baptist Health means bond trouble for the health system, the latest in a string of bad news. Still, expansion!

Meanwhile, at St. Vincent, the hospital’s CEO moves forward on a plan to cut 200 positions by June.

Onward and upward! Chris Roberts, founding CEO of Little Rock’s Centennial Bank, has joined Little Rock’s Delta Trust & Bank as president.

More with Pulitzer Prize-winning Arkansas native Douglas Blackmon, who talks to Mark Hengel.

Gwen Moritz on ANB Financial: “Irresponsible borrowers and irresponsible lenders do have a way of finding each other.”

Jim Karrh wraps up his two-parter on e-mail marketing. Tactics and tips to make it sing for your business.

Brave New Restaurant: Still tasty!

The raging wet-dry alcohol issue in Arkadelphia has virtually paralyzed the Daily Siftings-Herald, which has almost stopped covering the debate altogether! God bless newspapers. You’re gonna miss ’em when they’re gone.


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