Blogger Shares ‘True Mom Confessions’ Saturday in Little Rock

Time for confession

Time for confession

Blog alert! Kyran Pittman, an Arkansas native who blogs at Notes to Self, will be speaking and signing books at Wordsworth Books on Saturday in the Heights in Little Rock.

The book in question, “True Mom Confessions,” features essays from mothers of all walks of life sharing heartbreaking, hilarious, frank and outrageous stories of raising children. It sprang from the comments contained on this blog,

Pittman, who is also a contributing editor to Good Housekeeping, is one of the many moms sharing her story within its pages.

Interestingly, the book has sparked all kinds of discussion about motherhood, particularly about what’s good mother behavior, what’s bad mother behavior, and whether these books and Web sites are a bad thing.

On her blog today, Pittman talks about the reactions the book has received:

The point of the book isn’t to condemn or condone the particulars, but to tell the secrets, relatable, poignant, unimaginable, wonderful, despicable. To bioposy a slice of motherhood and just hold it up for what it is: the good, the bad, the ugly, and the hilarious. The Today Show coverage of the book got that. The commenters to the Wall Street Journal story didn’t. Romi, the book’s editor, summed it all up nicely on Huffington Post recently. I don’t know what it is about our society that we have such a hard time accepting the multitude of experiences there are in raising children, or why we mothers are so jumpy whenever motherhood is up for discussion.

Want to share in the multitude of experiences? Come out to Wordsworth on Saturday. Our monthly family magazine, Little Rock Family, is one of the event’s sponsors. You can get more details here.

And be sure to read more from Pittman at her blog here, her Twitter account here and at Good Housekeeping here.

More on the Book

Coverage from “The Today Show”

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  1. Hey, nice round up! Thanks, and hope to see you tomorrow!

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