Friday Week in Review: 28 Days Later Edition

But will it float? Blake goes SWIM-ing

But will it float? Blake goes SWIM-ing

Day 5 of the Swine H1N1 Flu and we’re all holding our own! Let’s celebrate our fortitude in the midst of this pending societal meltdown by taking a short look at the Week That Was:

The Arkansas Times was obsessedobsessed — with Judge Willard Proctor.

Ms. Adverthinker pondered why it matters that more women are online than men.

Blake, at the Think Tank, got invited to a super-fancy speaking event on social media in New York City. Better wear your nice shoes!

The Arkansas Project tracked that insidious dark avenger that was the Swine Flu. Fortunately, we’re not blowing up any bridges just yet.

Central Arkansas Refreshers met, had refreshments.

The Tolbert Report introduced us to Rick Crawford, who says he’s taking on U.S. Rep. Marion Berry next year.

Zack Stovall, after shouting at me like a madman on the streets of downtown Little Rock, wonders what will come of the national Republican Party.

Kyran Pittman continues her sessions on the ins and outs of blogging. Latest edition: Dealing with rude commenters.

A Twitter tutorial on THV!

We gave more personal information to Skynet.

Robert Blake made us laugh. Again.

Sarah Palin Twittered.

Looking Ahead

It’s a blogging/social media tsunami this weekend as

Blake Rutherford and Emily Reeves go SWIM-ing tonight.

Kyran Pittman signs books on Saturday in Little Rock.

Delta Trust CEO French Hill tweets from Berkshire Hathaway on Saturday.

Local comic book artist/Twitterer Mitch Breitweiser is in Benton for Free Comic Book Day.

Brummett does Eureka Springs on Sunday.


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