Business and Social Media: An Overview from New York’s BlogWell Conference

Now that social media like Facebook and, to some degree, Twitter are entrenched in many people’s lives, businesses of all sizes are starting to wonder how they might use those tools to engage users online.

This week, with the help of two Arkansans involved in how businesses use social media, we’re going to find out 1) what businesses want to know about social media and 2) how three major national firms are using it to enhance their brands.

Both will share their experiences attending last week’s BlogWell conference in New York, where representatives of the some of the world’s biggest brands met to swap case studies on how they use social media.



So who are they?

First, we’ll hear from Bryan Jones, who is director of interactive services for CJRW of Little Rock, the state’s largest advertising, marketing and public relations firm. Jones, who’s all over the Web, works with brands including JCPenney and Toyota.

In a post here tomorrow, he’ll the stage with more info on BlogWell, including why it’s a crucial event for him professionally and what specific questions companies had about social media.

Next, we’ll hear from Ed Nicholson, director of community and public relations for Tyson Foods Inc. of Springdale. We’ve noted Ed Nicholson’s work before. Nicholson has had a lot of experiencing using social media and blogs to further the meat processor’s goals to fight hunger throughout the country.



In posts on Wednesday and Thursday, he’ll share what big lessons he learned from the conference about businesses should use social media, what issues companies will face when entering the social media arena and, finally, some highlights from three case studies he attended by Coca-Cola, General Electric and Nokia.

Big thanks to Jones and Nicholson for agreeing to share their BlogWell and social media experiences. We hope this will be helpful to Arkansas businesses and organizations of all sizes who are considering social media strategies.

After the jump, a day-by-day schedule of links to all the posts in our social media blog series.

Tuesday: About Blogwell: Why I Went, And What Companies Want to Know About Social Media – Bryan Jones

Wednesday: Lessons Learned, And What Companies Should Expect With Social Media – Ed Nicholson

Thursday: Social Media Case Studies: Coca-Cola, General Electric and Nokia – Ed Nicholson


5 Responses

  1. Wish I could have been there. Very cool.

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