More Newsroom Cuts at the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

This time, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette was out first with news today of its latest round of newsroom cuts, posted on its Web site here. Others, including The Arkansas Project, Arkansas Business’ Mark Hengel, the Arkansas News Bureau and the Arkansas Times, quickly followed up.

From Hengel’s report, this from General Manager Paul Smith:

The poor economy has been “pretty widespread, and it sure hasn’t missed us,” Smith said. Smith did not disclose how much revenue has fallen.

“We’ll have some more staff reductions until the economy improves,” he said. Cuts are taking place at the paper’s Little Rock headquarters and in northwest Arkansas, where Wehco publishes the Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. Managers are informing employees Monday.

Affected employees will receive pay through May 18 and may choose to work through the date, according to a Democrat-Gazette report.

More here, and an update after the jump.

This latest round follows other cost-cutting moves by the newspaper. Publisher Walter Hussman’s Wehco company, which owns the DG, has also made cuts at the DG’s sister paper, the Chattanooga Times Free Press.

Noted on Twitter, this from former DG writer Werner Trieschmann, himself laid off from the paper during a previous round of cuts: “Newspapers haven’t found the bottom yet.”

UPDATE: Here’s the Democrat-Gazette’s newspaper story, printed on Tuesday, the day after the layoffs. Interesting words from Managing Editor David Bailey, who apparently told the newspaper staff that the DG isn’t experiencing a “newspaper problem.” The cuts are tied to the economy, and once the economy improves, the paper will staff up again.

Griffin Smith told the newspaper’s staff that Democrat-Gazette Publisher Walter E. Hussman told him, ‘We’re going to have to scale down, and when things get better, we’re just going to have to build it back up.”

“Those are brave words that most publishers aren’t saying,” he said.


3 Responses

  1. The D-G actually produces content instead of dumping in a bunch of AP and syndicated material. If they cannot keep that distinctive, the paper will not rebound.

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