Coming Soon: More Guest Blogger Goodness

Isn’t this site so much better when someone besides me is blogging? Yep, I think so too!

So far this week, we’ve gotten guest blogger reports on business and social media from Bryan Jones of CJRW and Ed Nicholson of Tyson Foods. Tomorrow, we’ll hear from Nicholson on how some major national companies are using social media in business, wrapping up our three-part series on the topic. Thanks to both of these guys for their valuable contributions.

And later this week, we’ll hear from Little Rock PR guru Natalie Ghidotti of Ghidotti Communications, who’ll tell us what she learned about “mom blogs” and business at this week’s Mind of Moms summit in northwest Arkansas. We’re looking forward to what caught her eyes and ears that event, which was attended by 150 people.

(Until we get Natalie’s report, you can check out this video report on the conference here from KNWA in northwest Arkansas.)

Stay tuned. Much more to come this week.


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