Social Media & Business Case Studies: Coke, GE & Nokia (Business and Social Media, Part III)

Ed Nicholson, director of community and public relations for Tyson Foods Inc. of Springdale, attended the BlogWell conference last week in New York City.

In Part III of our three-part series on business and social media, Nicholson shares info from three business and social media case studies featuring Coca-Cola, General Electric and Nokia.

By Ed Nicholson
I saw three other presentations at this event: GE, Nokia and Coke. Here are some highlights from each:

Coke empowers employees around the world to monitor mentions of its brand within the social Web, which can number in the millions per month, ranging from casual (“My office is two doors past the Coke machine”) to direct (“I really love this Coke Zero”).

The company is also developing a “social media certification” program for its employees who might create content about the brand. And the program stresses disclosure and the evergreen nature of the Web.

A Coke Facebook fan page with 3.4 million members was started and is run by two people who are not Coke employees. For a while, the company took ownership of the page, but soon realized its purposes were better served if it were run as it was originally started.

(After the jump, General Electric, Nokia and the Mayo Clinic.)

General Electric
GE has a number of different blog platforms, ranging from its primary news blog ( to those directed at niche audiences, such one in which engineers write for technical people.

Nokia uses a blog to articulate its position on issues that might get inaccurately reported or underreported in other media ( The company also has a number of internal blogs and video content creators.

Nokia also aggregates links to this content in blog and video “hubs,” making it easier for Nokia people to be aware of the internal content being created.

Mayo Clinic
A really good example I saw at the Chicago BlogWell in January was Mayo Clinic. Mayo’s reputation was built on word-of-mouth, so social networking tools fit perfectly within that form of sharing their message.

They have successfully navigated the privacy challenges associated with HIPAA to share the phenomenal stories they see every day on the blog, Sharing Mayo Clinic, and a YouTube channel. It’s interesting stuff from a non-traditional marketer.


(So there you have it, the end of our three-part series on social media and business. Thanks to Bryan Jones and Ed Nicholson for sharing their thoughts and experiences at BlogWell. Hopefully, this will help Arkansas businesses, large and small, get to thinking about how they might use social media, as well as what issues they’ll need to consider before taking the plunge. – LT)


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  2. Thanks for letting me be part of this series, Lance. And for a great blog.

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  5. Hi! I am doing research on GE’s social media. WOuld you by any chance know what are the blogs that GE has? Thanks!

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