Media Notes: Blogfight! Plus, Google in Talks With Major Newspapers

More media notes for folks who love them some media!

Brummett v. EveryoneJohn Brummett quotes David Simon re: “newspapers, you’re gonna miss ’em, etc.” and stirs up some lively debate from The Arkansas Project, Blake’s Think Tank and their respective commenters. It’s even inspired this helpful chart.

Micro MachinesThe Wall Street Journal is giving micropayments a whirl.

Free MarketsMarketWatch, the Dow Jones-owned financial news site that launched a redesign last night, plans to keep its content free and out in the open.

Got It For a Song – Record mogul David Geffen wants to buy a stake in the New York Times, according to the Financial Times, in this locked-down article. Fortunately, here’s a free story from Bloomberg!

Kiss the Ring – After lambasting Google for having the audacity to send newspapers untold traffic via links and for paying to licensing content from the Associated Press, some of the nation’s biggest newspapers are said to be in talks with the search giant aboutsomething to get their asses out of a sling.

News Flash – Keep Washington out of the newspaper business. Some of these antiquated things must be allowed to fail.

Life After Newspapers – Will Democracy collapse? Will bloggers shoot themselves? Will TV stations broadcast waterskiiing squirrel footage 24/7? Jack Shafer at Slate thinks it over.

You Have 10 New Messages. Would You Like to Hear Them?The end of voicemail, thanks to Google. Good riddance.

X FactorSlate launches a new site for women called Double X. Right out of the gate: A (linkbait!) critique of Gawker’s Jezebel, a competitor.


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