Friday Week in Review: It’s Finally Over Edition

Having the Best Week Ever

Having the Best Week Ever

Another week, another roundup. A look back at the Week That Was:

U.S. Senate hopeful Kim Hendren stepped in it, and The Tolbert Report was (virtually) there! He might have buried the lede, but he still got linked the hell out of!

In times of confusion and doubt, the world turned to Zack Stovall. Don’t worry. Daddy’s here.

Blogfight! John Brummett vs. everyone, rounds 1-4. Then the Arkansas Times tried to moderate, but to no avail! Coming this weekend, still more.

We had a Tweetup! Videos, photos and more here. Also, check the new home of the Little Rock Tweetup at (Thanks to @Tsudo!)

We spotted another possible Blanche Lincoln challenger! Meanwhile, Capsearch tried to round up all the other possible Arkansas candidates for anything right here.

Some people found out they won’t be getting their Morning News at the house anymore.

Kyran Pittman weighed half-assed blogging vs. whole-ass blogging. And then there’s the hermit crabs.

Ms. Adverthinker discovered the perils of Facebook defriending.

Whole Brevity Thing rounds up the best iPhone photo apps for shutterbugs everywhere.

The Razorbacks Expats got an early, early, early look at the 2009 Razorbacks football season.


Kris Allen. Yes, we heard. Yeah, it’s wonderful.


It’s the weekend! Lots to do for free for the next two days, according to FrugalAR.


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