Tough Times for Auto Dealers in This Week’s Arkansas Business

Larry Crain, talking to Hankins last week on "Today's THV"

Larry Crain, talking to Hankins last week on "Today's THV"

Happy Memorial Day! This week’s edition of Arkansas Business is online now. Among the highlights:

George Waldon takes a look at the state’s beleagered auto dealers, who were already facing tough times before Chrysler and GM started pruning dealerships, including several in Arkansas. Includes a list of recent closings.

(Also: Click here for video of Arkansas Business Publisher Jeff Hankins’ “Today’s THV This Morning” interview on Friday with Larry Crain of Crain Automotive, who says he’ll fight Chrysler’s move to shut his University Avenue dealership down.)

Yep. You read that right. KSSN-FM, 96.5 (KSSN 96) fell to No. 2 on Arbitron’s 12-plus winter radio ratings for the first time since, well, anyone can remember. KOKY-FM, 102.1 rises to No. 1. Clear Channel, which owns KSSN, attributes KSSN’s fall to The Wolf. And no, we don’t mean Harvey Keitel.

Yep. You read that right. “Radio Affiliates Hesitant to Sign Contracts to Air Razorback Sports.” You can attribute that to ever-expanding, “Today Show”-like 6-hour pre-game shows.

Meanwhile, what this state needs is yet another sports talk radio station!

2008 was a such a bad year, most private companies in Arkansas didn’t even want to talk about it.

Gwen Moritz: Vindication!


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  1. Nice to know if you live in holland. If you look at ,you will find information about autodealers close were you live.

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