Wal-Mart to Twitter Its Annual Meeting

Always tweeting. Always.

Always tweeting. Always.

Just ahead of its annual meeting this Friday in Bentonville, Wal-Mart unveils all kinds of Twittery goodness and multimedia. Shareholders and others can follow the weekend’s events via not one, not two, not three, but five “associate” Twitter accounts, as well as the now-standard live Webcasts, available here.

More entertainment and showbiz than actual business meeting, Wal-Mart’s shareholders summit and the events surrounding them remain closely watched by media and analysts. These “associate tweets” will give yet another perspective on the action. Just note that it’s Wal-Mart public relations doing the tweeting. We’re hoping to see some journalists out there sharing their reports with the Twittersphere, as well.

Meanwhile, it’s good to see the world’s largest retailer embracing the Web. It’s developed a Twitter “terms of use” policy, as well as policy on its use of the service for “external discussions.” Those efforts are directed by John Andrews, Wal-Mart’s senior manager for emerging media. Speaking at an event in January, Andrews touched on the power of social media, as well as that powerful block of users known as — you guessed it — “mom bloggers.”

(Thanks to Kenny Tomlin, CEO of Rockfish Interactive of Bentonville, which works with the retailer on multiple Internet iniatives, for the tip.)


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