UPDATE: Ed Nicholson’s BlogWell Presentation

Update: Thanks to Phil Neiman at GasPedal for forwarding video of the presentation. More BlogWell vids here.

Original post:

Ed Nicholson of Tyson Foods, who blogged here last month about his experiences at the BlogWell conference in New York City, has his presentation at the conference posted at the BlogWell site. We’ve embedded it above.

The slideshow talks about how major companies can use social media for specific goals. Nicholson, director of Tyson Foods’ community and public relations, talks about how the meat processor has used blogs, Flickr, YouTube and Twitter toward its hunger relief goals. And if offers several tips about what companies must do to use social media properly. You don’t simply go set up a Twitter account — there must be a larger strategy in place, ways to accurately measure success and a willingness to commit to the two-way street that is social media.

But we’ll let Nicholson do the talking. Click to read slides from his presentation above. And click here and here to read his posts for this blog on BlogWell.

(Thanks to Nicholson and Clark for the heads up.)


2 Responses

  1. Lance,

    Thanks for sharing with everyone. Ed really does a great job explaining to world what they’re up to down at Tyson. I wanted to make sure that you had the link to the video of Ed’s presentation as well. http://vimeo.com/4761277


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