Add Your Name to the Arkansas Twitter Guide

Add your name to this list

Add your name to this list

It’s been eons since we’ve done a round of newbies to the Arkansas Twittersphere, mainly because we can barely keep up! We’re eager to do more, by bringing you a weekly update of who’s who among Twitterers in Arkansas — but we’re going to need your help.

From now on, comments on the Arkansas Twitter Guide page are open, so if you check the list, see you’re not there and want to be included, simply leave your name, Twitter URL and category in the comments section below the list. We’ll come along later and add you to the guide.

As far as categories go, you can use the ones we’re already using as a starting point. If you don’t think you fit any of those, just make up a new one on the spot, and we’ll consider adding it. One rule for being on the list: You must be in Arkansas. That’s why it’s called “The Arkansas Twitter” guide.

Then, every week or so, we’ll round up new additions in a blog post – a completely arbitrary practice that’s totally under my discretion!

So get started now, and look for our next Twittersphere round-up coming soon. Thanks!


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  2. […] We put out the call, and you answered. See the full, updated guide here and check the new entries below: […]

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