Online Journalism Tools and Generational Conflicts at AABP in Minneapolis

The WiFi at the Hilton Hotel in downtown Minneapolis is a little wonky (making me eager for iPhone’s new tethering abilities), so I’m tapping this entry out via my handy WordPress app. This summer’s annual conference of the Alliance of Area Business Publications has been interesting, with sessions on social media, search engine optimization, online journalism tools and newswriting for online and print.

Particularly interesting was our lunch speaker on Friday, David Stillman of Bridgeworks. Stillman talked about generational interactions in the workplace and – especially interesting to a room full of business publication publishers and editors – how best to communicate with different generations of readers. It was a great presentation that I’ll write more about later.

We’ve got one more full day in Minneapolis. We’ll update more from the AABP summer conference later.

Below, looking over the Mississippi River from Minneapolis to St. Paul.


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  2. […] Traveling in Minneapolis, I caught an alert about Jackson going to the hospital on Twitter. My first instinct was then to go to Drudge, which soon linked to TMZ’s report that Jackson died. And that’s where I first saw confirmation: TMZ via Drudge. […]

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