Rex Nelson to Launch ‘Southern Fried’ Blog July 14



The moribund Arkansas blogosphere gets a shot in the arm later this month with the launch of Rex Nelson’s “Southern Fried” blog. A Twittering David Sanders — between notes on dying celebritiessays that the blog hits the Interwebs on July 14, the same day The Communications Group (Rex’s new employer) hosts a reception at White Water Tavern to celebrate his new endeavor.

(See the other side of the invitation after the jump.)

So what will Nelson, an contributor, former Arkansas Business editor and Huckabee communications director, cover on his world wide soap box? “Southern Fried” is billed as a repository for

Ruminations on barbecue, politicking, football, frog gigging, trotlining, blues playing, horseracing, boxing, bird hunting, movie watching, crappie eating and other major issues of the day.

All that in one blog? We’re so there. All except the frog gigging part. Our first (and last) trip was a disaster. I’ll hunt ducks out there, but you won’t catch me grabbing for frogs with my bare hands in the middle of the swamp in summer. That’s crazy talk.

But I digress. Welcome to the Arkansas blogosphere, Rex. We look forward to reading your inaugural post.

Also: Any chance we could have a retroactive “” launch party? Ah. Didn’t think so.



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  1. […] All-Arkansas and soon-to-be-blogger, Rex Nelson, is having a blog launch party on July 14. I don’t know if I’m invited or not. Frankly, I don’t care. I’m showing up […]

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