Jim Karrh On Social Media and Making It Work For Your Business

Arkansas Business marketing columnist Jim Karrh this week takes a look at social media and how to make it work for you business. Social media has been the business topic du jour, but info about 1) deciding whether social media is right for your company and 2) how to choose what social media channels to use has been at a premium.

So too has balanced, level-headed considerations about how useful social media can be. Karrh signals that he’s taking a sober view of the topic in his first graf:

This column is neither a breathless ode to social media nor an overly skeptical “have you noticed the dropout rate on Twitter” rant. My recent speaking and consulting engagements tell me that it’s simply time for a reality check and guide to social media – from a business decision-maker’s perspective.

Now that we’ve all taken a deep breath and calmed down, Karrh quizzes Mack Collier, a blogger at, er, MackCollier.com, and The Viral Garden about the keys to business blogging success, social media and social media’s relevance to business in Arkansas.

More from both after the jump.

At the heart of column though, is how to determine what social media tools your business should be using. To find out, Collier says you should ask yourself, Self:

• How many people, and how much time, can be devoted to your social media efforts? Social media requires a ton of time. And like anything else, the more time you can commit, the better your results, on average. I am constantly contacted by companies that want to launch a new blog, that want to be on Facebook, and on Twitter.

When I ask how many people will handle all this, they say, “Well, I will.” That’s probably not enough.

• Why do you want to use a blog/Facebook/Twitter? Do some research to figure out where those people you want to reach are today and which tools they are using. It makes no sense to launch a Twitter presence if all your current and potential customers are on LinkedIn. I think every company should have a social media monitoring system in place; use free tools such as Google Blog Search and Twitter search to see what people are saying about you, your company, your competitors and your industry.

Karrh has much more here.


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