Media Notes: Lottery Advertising RFP, Lock Down and Hacked Twitter Docs

Rounding up the latest from the media-sphere, navel-gazing at its best:

GambleThe lottery’s advertising RFP is out. Now it’s time for Arkansas agencies to make their play for the five-year advertising and marketing account.

July Surprise — On the heels of another layoff, Gannett Co. swings to a second-quarter profit. That’s good! But newspaper ad revenue falls 27 percent. That’s bad!

The Wall Goes Up — 79 comments and counting! The Fayetteville Flyer is ground zero for the paid vs. free debate in northwest Arkansas, where the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette is finally locking down newspaper content on its Web site. Upside: Judging by the Flyer’s comments, at least some people are still passionate about news.

You Are Not Alone — The editor of the Financial Times, also locked down to subscribers, says most news Web sites will charge for content in about a year.

All A-Twitter — Michael Arrington continues to be a huge ass, publishing hacked internal Twitter documents in another bid to maintain relevance. The first docs — possibly outdated revenue projections — went up here. Meanwhile, Gawker’s editor thinks it’s funny that Twitter execs are whining about this violation of privacy.

Cozying UpFolks in the media are huge brown-nosers. Flash.


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