Smartphone Etiquette and Entrepreneurship in This Week’s Arkansas Business

He Twittered the photo shoot

He Twittered the photo shoot

Let’s peruse the latest Arkansas Business newspaper, online and on newsstands now!

Smartphones are everywhere. And they’re addicting! Mark Friedman reports that businesses are struggling about the new etiquette developing (or not developing) around these devices. Are the kids tweeting every word of your presentation because it’s great? Or are they playing Paper Toss? Meanwhile: New media smartypants and cover boy Blake Rutherford tells the oldsters not to worry.

Jeff Stinson, executive director of the Fund for Arkansas’ Future, says entrepreneurship is on the rise in Arkansas, in spite of the recession. In fact, Stinson says he’s seen an increase in “both the quantity and quality of companies approaching our fund for capital.”

The lottery’s been great for Jason Tolbert! And it’ll continue to be fodder for the media and politics for the forseeable future, according to Arkansas Business Publisher Jeff Hankins. Also: He predicts lottery advertising will be second only to state Parks & Tourism ad spending. Good news for TV: “The television stations will be able to replace the advertising dollars formerly spent by auto dealerships.”

Deposition: Little Rock financier Warren Stephens says the management of Arkansas Research Medical Testing LLC of Little Rock “made mistakes” after the company was purchased from Jennings Osborne in 2004.

Also: Stephens talks about playing at Augusta National Golf Club. It’s every bit as awesome as you’d think it is.


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  1. Except the black gets too hot in the summer. Learned that the hard way.

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