Will The Morning News Put Up A Pay Wall?

Arkansas Business media writer Mark Hengel talks to Arkansas Democrat-Gazette General Manager Paul Smith about the daily newspaper’s decision last week to lock down newspaper content on its northwest Arkansas Web site, NWANews.com.

But what about Stephens Media-owned rival The Morning News? Will its open-access NWAOnline.net have a competitive advantage, or does the DG’s decision allow it, too, to go on lock down?

From Hengel’s story:

“[Tom] Stallbaumer was noncommittal about whether a firewall might be in the paper’s future. The Morning-News is not yet considering a firewall, but it’s an option.

” ‘We are not at that point right now,’ he said. The paper has experience with the practice, though. ‘We have helped a couple of our weekly papers put most of their content behind firewalls.’ Stephens CEO Sherman Frederick was unavailable for comment about the company’s broader Internet strategy.”

More here: http://bit.ly/2uGaKH


3 Responses

  1. I don’t have any insider knowledge, but my instinct – as a recently laid off Morning News employee – is that they will think of this as an opportunity. Where once upon a time an online reader could go two places for free news, now they can only go to the one location.

    Luckily, with nifty tools like Google Analytics, The Morning News will know pretty quickly after the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette goes behind a paywall if it means more eyeballs for them.

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  3. […] Will the Morning News Put Up A Pay Wall? […]

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