Friday Week In Review: The Week We Tweeted-up

Via Nick Stovall

Via Nick Stovall

Holy crap it’s Friday! The day we finally convicted Tony Alamo for something other than his lack of fashion sense, and the day after most of us Tweeted up. Before plunging headlong into another lost weekend, here’s a last long look at the carnage behind us:

Walter Hussman allegedly kicked the tires on another “news-paper,” which is apparently a recounting of yesterday’s events published using ink on paper. Quaint!

Blake Rutherford moved papes like Christian Bale in “Newsies,” but with less singing.

Okay. We admit it. Bad angle.

Zack Stovall conducted his Blanche Lincoln Threat Assessmentâ„¢.

The Arkansas Project puzzled over Jay Barth’s recent comments, re: education in Arkansas, in connection to the Arkansas lottery.

The Fayetteville Flyer had a great idea!

The Hog Blawg launched to a mysterious amount of great fanfare, making me wonder where my check is.

Kinkade and Rutherford took a stroll down the memory lane of Arkansas politics of yore, each trying to figure out just what the heck is wrong with the Republicans in Arkansas.

Jason Tolbert picks up on Arkansas Business story about those dern-blamed lottery salaries and wonders just who’s reading what over there.


A lottery salary snafu

E. Lynn Harris, a Razorback fan and author, died.

Walter Cronkite signed off

Chris Bahn video of Tim Tebow and Bobby Petrino at SEC Media Days

More cheesecake from Kinkade.


We saw the new Cowboys Stadium from afar

Happy Birthday!

Another winner


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  1. Your check is most definitely in the mail. They still accept 3-cent stamps, right?

  2. […] here to read the rest: Friday Week In Review: The Week We Tweeted-up Share and […]

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