Ernie Passailaigue’s South Carolina Days, the ‘Moritz Scale’ and More in This Week’s Arkansas Business

Where does your local politician rank?

Where does your local politician rank?

It’s Monday. On the bright side, there’s the new Arkansas Business. In this week’s edition:

Mark Hengel investigates Ernie Passailaigue’s time as head of the South Carolina. Let’s see: There was an FOI lawsuit, a conflict over a $7.5 million advertising contract, and allegations that Passailaigue, a former South Carolina state senator, benefited from cronyism. Otherwise, everyone loved him! Seriously!

The Promenade at Chenal isn’t quite a ghost town. But it does reflect the state of retail in the United States, meaning … well, you know what that means.

If you’re looking for some good eats, though, there are worse places!

The Affiliated Foods bankruptcy has been bad for lots of people, including property managers, who are now unable to collect rent.

Speaking of the lottery, at least four advertising agencies in Arkansas appear to be interested, which makes that contract a hotter ticket than that other one.

The state’s public radio affiliates are working together, sharing stories and resources, which only makes sense, really.

The Blackberries and iPhones and Internets and whatnots are making it hell to having a meeting these days.

Gwen Moritz invents a handy to scale by which to measure our public figures’ misdeeds. Introducing the Moritz Scale of Political Bad Behavior.


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