Coming Soon: Think Tank Radio on 103.7 The Buzz

Tankin' it to the airwaves

Tankin' it to the airwaves

You’ve probably heard, but because the Internets is an echo chamber, we’ll tell you again!

Justin Acri‘s gone bat-sh!t* crazy and given PR guy and blogger Blake Rutherford his own radio show. Fortunately, it’s on when no one will be listening: Sunday!

You can catch the proprietor of Blake’s Think Tank holding forth each week from 7-9 a.m. on 103.7 The Buzz, right before that 9-noon slice of crazy that is the Bill Vickery show, which Rutherford has guesthosted in the past. On his own show, Rutherford plans to talk politics, sports, media, movies — whatever.

You catch all of it starting on Aug. 16, sure to be looked back upon as a red-letter day in Arkansas radio history, the day they officially began handing out radio shows to pretty much anyone who asked!

(* Of course we bleeped it. This ain’t The Arkansas Project, you know.)


4 Responses

  1. Blake is a tool and I mean that in the worst way. He acts like he is the toast of the town and the Mr. PR. The reality is he is a paid hack by Blanche Lincoln’s people to blog positive for her and attack anyone who poses a threat. He can act all smug he has a radio show, but know this the only person listening is his brother Tolbert who is hoping to get that 30 minutes show on all access TV.

  2. […] Free Think Tank: Beginning August 16 on 103.7 The Buzz. Lance Turner, nice guy that he once was, closed the door on what slim guest appearance opportunity […]

  3. […] Airheads – Blake Rutherford guests today on 103.7 The Buzz from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Tune in for a taste of the his new radio show, starting this weekend. […]

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