Friday Week in Review: The Week Everyone Left

We'll miss this. Nick Snowball in happier times

We'll miss this. Nick Snowball in happier times

It’s another Friday Week in Review! A week in which we lost so much and gained so very little.

Among those shaking the dust of this crummy little town, Nick “Zack” Stovall, the Arkansas News Bureau Web guru and Unfamous First Words blogger who hates our blue shirt, likes to scream at us on the street corner and who just this year discovered the image macro. Better late than never!

It’s the love of a beautiful woman that’s taking Nick away from Little Rock up to St. Louis and the sunny shores of the Mississippi, where he’ll write anything for money until he’s able to trick someone into hiring him full time. We’re all sad to see him go, but we wish him the best in what’s destined to be a long, accidental career in political flackery he’ll surely look back on with great regret.

So happy trails to Nick Snowball, and on with a look back at the week that was:

BJ signed off, and we were on hand to say goodbye.

Blake puzzled over David Sanders’ latest then huddled up with Phil Martin to geek out over movies.

The Arkansas Project began tracking Arkansas Senate races, as if anyone cares about that.

Jason Tolbert, legitimized! Writing for the Arkansas News Bureau, Tolbert picks apart the lottery. What? No video?

Some called Walter Hussman “the patron saint of the pay wall.” Really.

Rex Nelson professed undying love for the Oxford American.

They started handing out radio shows all willy-nilly.

Mick Stainball pondered health care.

We thought “the Moritz Scale” was kinda cool.

The Blog Hawgs had a helluva week — even got some airtime.

Reggie Fish broke it down.

CNBC ranked Arkansas 31st for doing business; readers react.


How to syndicate yourself

Beers all around

That’s me in that meme

Parody of the year


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