Friday Week in Review: The Week We Were Barely Here

The wait is over

The wait is over

Who’s running this blog, anyway? Because one of the keys to successful blogging is that there be new posts on a semi-regular basis. And in that regard, we’ve been an utter failure this week! But we have been making the rounds to all the hottest health care town halls — it’s the new “in” thing. Berating your Congressional delegation is fun! How we didn’t think of this pass-time years ago is beyond me.

Fortunately, the rest of the Arkansas Blogosphere has been picking up the slack in our absence. Herewith, a look at The Week That Had Been, warts and all:

Speaking of these health care town halls, the dearly-departed (but not dead!) Zack Stovall offers tips on how to handle those curmudgeonly attendees. Hint: Get those meetings done before the Early Bird Special!

Libertarian (and former atheist!) Freeman Hunt brings us video and photos from northwest Arkansas as she protests “government health care.”

Blake Rutherford on death panels, which is not a reference to “American Idol.”

Jason Tolbert tries to suss out the weirdness and subterfuge that is Gilbert Baker’s lunch schedule and mafia-esque sit-downs with possible Republican candidates for U.S. Senate.

Christopher Spencer marks the two-month anniversary of Ozarks Unbound. Congrats!

The Associated Press’ plans to protect its precious, precioussss content.

Betsey Wright, caught with a file in a cake.

The Chik-fil-a Bowl? Really?

Rex Nelson remembered pal Bill Gwatney on the one-year anniversary of the former state legislator’s murder. And so did David Sanders, via an AETN blog.

The Razorback Expats mark 19 years since Arkansas joined the SEC. 19 years, and still no rival.

It’s hard to get worked up about global warming when you’re unemployed.

A roundabout in Fayetteville? “Look kids, Big Ben, Parliament!”

Posts are mysteriously disappearing from The Arkansas Project blog. Conspiracy? Wonky server. We suspect the former, of course!


We played “Where’s Baz?”

Download your ExtraAwesome Road Trip mix tape here!

Well, now.

The $10 TV.

Czech Mate: Get your rage fix here.

Our hopes were dashed.


One Response

  1. On the Subject of Bill Gwatney:

    Does the lone gunman theory in Little Rock still have as much life and influence as Dallas and the Arkla Gas Cowboys?

    Sometimes, objective facts are found from a distance and in due time.

    One must ask; why would one man (the shooter) drive all of the way from a small town – about 35 miles north of Little Rock – to Little Rock’s downtown Capitol, kill Bill with premeditated intent, and then drive to the Baptist Center, pull the same weapon on a security guard and not shoot, and then drive around 30 miles to the south of Little Rock under heavy police pursuit?

    This was not suicide by cop, as SBC doesn’t marathon out like that, unless the shooter has an influential accomplice to brew on.

    The wolves are still guarding the henhouse in Little Rock. There are different methods of assassination; many with outside and sometimes quiet but wantan influences.

    Just ask Terri Rios in Sonora, Mexico about what happened in Tijuana in 1994. There are similarities; extremely close similarities.

    Though he is physically missed, Bill Gwatney and his commitment to public service lives on.

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