Another Look at Health Care and the Lottery in Arkansas in This Week’s Arkansas Business

This week’s Arkansas Business is out and live on the Web. Among this week’s stories:

Editor Gwen Moritz has been reading the blogs, and this week she offers another view of health care after reading Cory Allen Cox’s essay on his late sister’s experience with the system over at The Arkansas Project.

Jamie Walden takes a look at how Arkansas universities are helping pioneer advancements in nanotechnology — the next big thing. (Ha! See what I did there?)

The Arkansas lottery comes at a good time, with tuition costs rising and state funding of higher education institutions as a percentage of the total cost of an education shrinking. But the lottery’s effect’s on costs and enrollment remains unknown.

Long-time KATV-TV, Channel 7 General Manager Dale Nicholson announced last week that he’s turning over day-to-day management of the Allbritton-owned ABC affiliate to Mark Rose. This week, Nicholson talks to Mark Hengel about some of the highlights of his time at the top.

Robert Blake, the Internet smartypants behind some entertaining local Tumblr memes, has a day job! His will tell you where to find all the weekly open houses in the area.

Look out! Misleading headline on a corporate news release!


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