And That’s No Bull: The Return (Again) of Bullwhiz

Bullish on local news

Bullish on local news

Bullwhiz is back. Again.

The Little Rock-based gossip e-mail, which began in Internet-infancy era of the early 90s and was read and fed by journalists, PR officials, politicos and business leaders, has gone through several incarnations and curators and now has been reborn as an Arkansas news aggregator.

You can check it out at The site is basically a collection of RSS feeds from several Arkansas news sources, including and the Arkansas News Bureau, and prominent local blogs like The Arkansas Project, The Tolbert Report, Blake’s Think Tank, Capsearch and Under the Dome. (Tolbert even gets his own video feed!)

And Arkansas sports news even gets a nod, with feeds from and Razorbacks Central.

The site’s a far cry from its previous existence, what appears to be an Arkansas version of popular news aggregator Digg. Before that, it was on Google’s Blogspot platform. We’re not even sure who’s running the site now (we’ve sent an e-mail with inquiries). Former Bullwhiz editors include its founder, Arkansas PR pro Paul Johnson, and local businessman Charles Durnett, who died 2008.

We hope to have more answers soon. Meanwhile, you can follow Bullwhiz on Twitter @Bullwhiz.


A brief history of Bullwhiz/Briefing Notebook – Paul Johnson via Arkansas Times

Bullwhiz without a moderator following death of Durnett – Arkansas Business


6 Responses

  1. Nice snag Lance.

  2. But no place (yet) for me to make my condemnations of the maroons who drive too fast through the Cumberland/Second Street intersection. It’s a good start, at least.

  3. Interesting and useful, but not near as much fun as Johnson’s Bullwhiz back in the day. Where’s the gossip? 😉

  4. Oh, wow. Don’t you remember sitting around AB and reading Bullwhiz?! Glad to see it’s back in some form or fashion.

    • Those were the days! There was always something juicy. Whether it was true was often immaterial.

      I still haven’t heard back from the mystery editor. Crossing my fingers!

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