The Friday Week in Review: Abbreviated Edition

Bald eagle. Just because.

Have we mentioned how out of it we’ve been? This week has been one slow slog into oblivion. Fortunately, some stuff happened, and now we’ll relive it.

Here’s a quick look back at The Week That Once Was, blogwise:

Bullwhiz, the e-mail gossip sheet founded by Paul Johnson back in the day, has made its latest comeback.

We tried to share some honest-to-goodness Twitter tips for folks in danger of losing their jobs after saying something stupid on the Internets. But it was early and we’re not good with saying words on the TV.

David Sanders is the first to report that State Sen. Bob Johnson is considering a run for — you guessed it — Blanche Lincoln’s U.S. Senate seat. Oh and David: Add my Mom to the list. She’s running too. You heard it here first!

In related news, we found out who Trevor Drown was — with the help of Twitter, of course.

Also: Rhett Hatcher & Co. has all your favorite Blanche Lincoln takedown ads right here.

Jason Tolbert will not stop breaking news. Even on Friday. After 5 p.m.

The Arkansas Project, back on solid ground.

Blake Rutherford wondered, Is the Web Helping Us? And the answer is No, No It’s Not.

Mike Nail sticks a fork in it.

Ms. Adverthinker, where have you gone?

Barney Frank got all up in some girl’s grill over health care and the Nazis or something.

Charlie Cook at UAMS Bioventures had such great advice, we had to break it out of comments and give it its own post. Techpreneurs, take note.

Another fish fry! It’s good to be Rex Nelson.

Our pals at have been named among’s, er, killer start-ups. Good work, guys!


Anyone else bored of this yet?

Sweeping the nation.


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