The Guardian UK, Walter Hussman Talk Online News Over Whole Hog in Little Rock

Walter Hussman, everyone’s favorite newspaper publisher bravely charging for online news and somehow “making it work,” is back in the headlines, entertaining a Guardian UK writer at Whole Hog Cafe and talking about how print/Internet strategy is working.

As we’ve noted before, “preserve the print edition” has been the goal. The reporter on the story doesn’t sense much interest in the Internet beyond that:

Although he professes to have an open mind, Hussman’s scepticism about online journalism is evident. Back at the Democrat-Gazette’s downtown head office, it becomes clear that he does not know which floor his website editor’s office is on. And he is casually disdainful of “new media” types.

“In other newspapers, you’ve got people in the new media department, the internet department, whatever you want to call it, who think that newspapers are dead,” he says. “Why are they going to make much effort to ensure that a newspaper survives if that’s what they think?”

There’s not much new, but you can read the whole thing here.

(Thanks to BR for the tip.)


One Response

  1. With Arkansas ranked #49 in Internet access, we will be one of the last states where big daily newspapers are printed.

    The disappointing thing is that Hussman failed to use the good offices of his editorial department to advocate for a decent broadband infrastructure in our state. The situation here might be different if the ADG editorial page had made a concerted effort to highlight the problem. Instead, Hussman’s “disdain of new media types” has been a factor in the lack of progress here.

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