Are You Ready for Football? The Arkansas High School Kickoff Classic Begins Monday

We start on Monday. Click for more.

We start on Monday. Click for more.

We don’t usually get too involved in sports on the blog — except when it helps pay the bills! To that end, we’d like to call your attention to an event our employer is putting on, with the help of our friends at 103.7 The Buzz: It’s‘s first annual Arkansas High School Football Classic, taking place Monday and Tuesday at War Memorial Stadium in Little Rock.

From the news release:

Eight Arkansas high school football teams will open the 2009 season on Aug. 31 and Sept. 1 at the site where they hope to end it – War Memorial Stadium.

Four games will be played during the two-night Arkansas High School Kickoff Classic as the teams begin their quest for a state title game at War Memorial in December. The event is presented by KABZ-FM, “103.7 The Buzz” and, and is sponsored by the Little Rock Convention & Visitors Bureau.

On Aug. 31, Fayetteville will play Little Rock Central at 5 p.m., and Dollarway will take on Central Arkansas Christian Academy at 7:30. On Sept. 1, Watson Chapel meets Warren, and Pulaski Oak Grove plays Little Rock Christian Academy.

… Seven of the eight teams competing over the two days were state playoff teams in 2008.

It’s a two-night event packed with top-notch high school football that will help football fans fight off the shakes until other high school games start later in the week and — heaven help us — the Razorbacks kick off their season on Saturday, Sept. 5, in Little Rock. At War Memorial. See, it all comes full-circle!

Tickets are $7. Read more about the Kickoff Classic here, and see video interviews with some of the coaches here, here and here. After the jump, Justin Kramer of Little Rock Christian talks about the games and the running back Arkansas can’t get enough of, Michael Dyer.


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