Friday Week in Review: Pouring One Out for Teddy K.

Recovering after a plane crash

Recovering after a plane crash

And there you have it. Another week in the can, another Kennedy cast off this mortal coil. Other stuff happened too, and there were blogs that wrote about it. Let us reminisce …

Walter Hussman spread the gospel of No Free Meal on the Internets.

Blake Rutherford remembered Ted Kennedy (how could anyone forget?) and shared some classic clips of the Lion in Arkansas, waaay back in the day.

Another week, another poll claiming Blanche Lincoln will be run out of town on a rail. Zack Stovall is unmoved. And the Tolbert Report makes like Matt Drudge with the unflattering photos.

Someone else is running for Congress! But not against Blanche!

Mike Beebe can do no wrong.

Robert Blake talks about Tumblr and how he plans to marry Tumblr one day, he loves it so much.

Freeman Hunt has more on protests against government-run health care.

Some blogger with ESPN said something about the Hogs or whatever.


Dark side of the Shaq


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