Frank Robins III, Former Owner and Publisher of the Log Cabin Democrat

Frank Robins III, via

Frank Robins III, via

Frank Robins III, the former publisher of the Log Cabin Democrat, died on Saturday at the age of 80. You can read his obituary on the Web site of the newspaper he once owned here. The newspaper’s article on Robins appears here.

Robins was my wife Laura’s uncle. I didn’t get to spend much time with him in the years since she and I married, but it was great to talk to him during our brief moments together. I remember us talking about newspapers and journalism and how so much has changed about the business.

But a few things about journalism that should always endure are what Robins’ colleagues say he exemplified: accuracy, high standards, innovation and a desire to serve the reader first.

From Joe Mosby, who worked for Robins as a reporter at the Log Cabin.

“Where Frank stood out was making and keeping the Log Cabin a people’s paper. It moved and breathed and reflected what was going on in Conway and Faulkner County. It wasn’t perfect; no publication is. But the Log Cabin under Frank for all his years as publisher was dependable, reliable and respected.”

Farewell, Frank. You’ll be missed.


The Associated Press, via


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  1. I worked for Frank Robins at assistant city editor for 13 months beginning in the summer after The Arkansas Gazette closed. He was the best editor/publisher I ever worked for in many ways. He cared about the English language and wanted his paper always to use standard English. He cared about facts and wanted nothing but facts to appear in his news stories. He was tough on reporters and editors who dismissed his standards or failed to try to meet them. But many of his past newsroom workers undoubtedly have gone higher than they may have expected in their professions because of working under his mentorship.
    It was a privilege to work with him for that year.

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