Friday Week In Review: Who Will Wear the Crown? Edition



Now that the Great Northwest Arkansas Newspaper War is settled, we can move on to other, more important forms of media self-destruction, like giving away all our online content for free!

Here now, at no extra charge, is a loving look back at the Week The Way It Was, Not Necessarily How We’d Like It To Have Been:

To paraphrase one Morning News commenter, “Competing horse and buggy-makers combine. Big news.” Our coverage, in three parts: The Announcement. The Questions. Some Answers. More questions!

Blake Rutherford on how President Obama doesn’t really want to poison the fragile little minds of our nation’s children with his “speeches” about the “importance” of “education.” Don’t believe him!

David Kinkade and legislative pal Dan Greenberg give House Speaker Robbie Wills the business over Wills’ plan to turn the House information arm over to a public relations consultant to “to advocate the objectives of the leadership of the House of Representatives.” Tolbert piles on, too!

Political junkies can’t believe their good fortune now that Glbert Baker’s officially in the race for Blanche Lincoln’s U.S. Senate seat. Others, like fell0w-candidate Conrad Reynolds, are just confused as to why.

It’s time for football, and’s Jim Harris and KATV’s Steve Sullivan are here to talk us through it.

Oh — here’s who’s supposed to win this week.

Twestival! There’s gonna be one, and to celebrate, Arkansas bloggers are blogging for their favorite charity, Reach Out and Read Arkansas. Among them: Alex Cone and Tsudo.

Entrepreneurs take note: This is one man who will not participate in your recession.

Nick Snowball sticks up for his former employer.


A man of influence.

The night Peggy smoked out with Miles Fisher.


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