Statement: ‘Both’ Morning News, DG Will Cover Razorbacks

The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette and the Stephens Media issued a joint statement this afternoon, answering some reporting on what their new venture’s staffing plans might be and (perhaps most importantly!) just who’ll be responsible for covering Arkansas’ beloved Razorbacks.

First, in response to a report by the City Wire on the “radical downsizing” that’s supposed to happen in January, the companies say:

“The process of hiring employees for the new company has not yet been determined.”

And as for the Razorbacks, there’s this, as reported on this afternoon:

The statement says that “The Morning News and the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette will both provide coverage of Razorback sports.” This seems to contradict a comment that Arkansas Democrat-Gazette owner and publisher Walter Hussman made in an interview with KUAR-FM, the Little Rock National Public Radio affiliate, which was referenced in the article.

In that interview, Hussman said: “We will take on, yes, the primary responsibility for covering the Razorbacks. They may have some columnists and things like that that cover it. But one of the things that we have to do here is we’re trying to eliminate as much duplication as possible.”

So there you go. Just so we’re all on the same page.


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  1. […] Michael Tilley’s City Wire has details on the board that will control Northwest Arkansas Newspapers LLC, saying that the Stephens Media gets 2 seats on a five seat board, which of course means, “Walter wins!” Also: The deal is finalized in October, and “‘radical downsizing’ of staff to take place early next year. Gulp. (Update here!) […]

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