The Friday Week in Review: You Lie! Edition

(via Robert Blake)

(via Robert Blake)

It’s Friday, and time for another long look back at a brutal week in politics, sports and the Web. We’re going to try for a reasoned, respectful debate here, so no shouting! But feel free to call us out in comments if we start going on about death panels. Remember: There remains some significant details to work out.

Here we go:

He’s soooo coy. Tim Griffin tells The Tolbert Report he’s seriously considering running against Vic Synder.

Kim Hendren confirms — again! — that he’s running against Blanche Lincoln just like everyone else is.

In the midst of the flap over Obama’s brainwashing speech to America’s kids, Blake Rutherford says the Republican Party has resorted to silliness. And that was before Wednesday night.

Rhett Hatcher is to iMovie as David Kinkade is to Photoshop. Artists and their canvases.

This might very well happen.

Punxsutawney Pel finally rears his head to talk about ugly sexual assault allegations involving Razorbacks basketball players but leaves the local media out of it. Meanwhile, Courtney Fortson’s tweet resurfaces (teh Internets, they don’t forget!) to add insult to injury.

Bloghawgs media baron Brett Kincaid faces off against Alice “Media Consultant * Journalist” Stewart on “Today’s THV This Morning” re: aforementioned Obama school speech tomfoolery. Punditry at its finest.

The Angry Czech on the tarnishing of The Presidential™ brand.

Rex Nelson previews his Saturday Arkansas Democrat-Gazette column. Don’t let Walter catch you giving away that free content!

There was a Twestival in Little Rock, and it raised money for Reach Out and Read Arkansas.


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2 Responses

  1. And AS360 made me angry twice in one week. New record.

  2. […] the original post:  The Friday Week in Review: You Lie! Edition Share and […]

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