‘Caught on Tape,’ In This Week’s Arkansas Business

This week’s Arkansas Business, available now. Among the highlights:

Haven’t you heard? Today’s the lottery! Let’s all go buy a ticket and become millionaires! Before that, though, read George Waldon’s story on all the security surrounding the lottery and the insane levels of security on each of its tickets.

And speaking of security, businesses are using fancier and fancier surveillance equipment to nab the bad guys. Jamie Walden has much more.

Media mogul Mike Huckabee signs a deal with Redlasso, a Philadelphia-based media firm that will bring all of the former governor’s media content to the Web.

Fear not. The next time you choke on a chicken bone at your desk, there’s likely to be someone in your office who knows CPR or, for the fun of it, can use one of those electronic defibrillators on you.

Jeffery Scott Rand of North Little Rock is getting closer and closer to having federal charges filed against him. The Securities Department has already accused him of using millions of investors’ well-drilling dollars to buy a duck-hunting club and indulge a racehorse hobby.

U.S. Rep. Mike Ross’ deal to sell his pharmacy to USA Drug has given Arkansas Business a whole new outlook on just how much the Stephen LaFrance company takes in per year.

Heifer International is close to marking its 65th anniversary.


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