The Top 10 of Everything in 2009, the Decade in This Week’s Arkansas Business

Top 10Why do Arkansas Business journalists love the end of the year? Because not only is there a week off of paid vacation around Christmas and New Year’s Day, but we all get a chance to do what we love: make top 10 lists!

The latest double issues of Arkansas Business and the Northwest Arkansas Business Journal are chock full of long looks back at The Year That Was. Here’s a round-up of our end-of-the-year round-ups:

Arkansas Business’ Top 10 Business Stories of the Year include the recession, CEO turnover at Arkansas public companies, a major bankruptcy, the Arkansas lottery and peace in the northwest.

Feeling extra-nostalgic and super-meta? Take a longer look back at the decade in Arkansas business news by rounding up our last nine “Top 10 Business Stories of the Year” round-ups.

Any way you slice it, things sucked in usually booming northwest Arkansas. The Northwest Arkansas Business Journal looks at the Best & Worst of 2009 in Benton and Washington counties.

Google Analytics shows us the most-read business stories on Yep, it was that kind of year.

Quotable quotes: Some people said some sorta amusing things, and we wrote them down. The Top 10 Quotes of 2009.

Jeff Hankins takes a look back at lessons learned in 2009 (link fixed). Two things to note: social media is major traffic driver and Arkansas Business is 13 percent higher than it was five years ago.


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  1. The last link to “Jeff Hankins takes a look back” actually links to the top 10 quotes article.


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