Im in yr biznass, upending yr modle: A Decade of Google


In the '00s, Google rarely blinked

If you missed this piece in Slate’s The Big Money this week, it’s well worth a read. Chris Thompson looks back at The Google Decade and finds few business models that search giant Google didn’t completely and totally change forever. Google News challenged newspapers, Google’s book scan initiative takes on publishing, Android is poised to reinvent mobile phones, Chrome is making waves in the browser wars and could threaten Microsoft’s operating system. This list goes on.

Has any single company wrought so much change on so many different industries as Google — ever? The quiet company that few of us heard of at the turn of the decade is now the dominant online force and a major player in several “traditionally offline” sectors. Where does it go from here? Thompson notes that for all chaos Google has caused competitors, only two of its more than 100 businesses, AdSense and AdWords, make significant amounts of money.

Is Google so far ahead of the game that it can’t yet monetize its innovations? Or does the online leader still have some catching up to do? Google’s second decade will tell us a lot.


Google’s poised to do it again. Its Nexus One event takes place today. Follow the press event liveblog on Gizmodo

Nexus One page briefly live. See screenshot here

News round-up on Nexus One here


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