Breitbart’s Big Journalism, Tablet Wars and Sam’s Book Club in Today’s Media Notes

How about a quick peek around the mediasphere?

Drudge buddy Andrew Breitbart’s online empire continues to expand with the launch today of Big Journalism, the latest in his “Big” series of right-leaning blogs and aggregators. Big Journalism’s aim is to fight back at the “snooty,” “arrogant” mainstream media. So, there’s that.

– Meanwhile, newspaper reporter is among the worst jobs to have, according to an entirely subjective survey by CareerCast. What’s better? How about being a janitor? Or a maid? or a bus drive? All better jobs.

Dana Milbank is back in action at the Washington Post.

Justin Peters at Slate tells us what to expect from the debacle that will be 3D TV. ESPN and others are trying it.

– Oprah who? Sam’s Club will start it owns book club this month. This first book is Beth Hoffman’s debut, “Saving CeeCee Honeycutt.”

– Slate Wars: Salon rounds up speculation and predictions for Apple’s forthcoming tablet computer, while Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer tries to quell some buzz by showing off HP’s Windows touchscreen device, the Slate.


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