Scott Brown: New Massachusetts Senator is Your Wednesday Cheesecake, Ladies

Scott Brown, the gentleman from Massachusetts

What can Brown do for you?

David Kinkade is known to post a little cheesecake to drive some extra clicks on The Arkansas Project. What’s stopping us?

So here to the right is our Hottie of the Week, Scott Brown of Massachusetts. Yep, this one’s for the ladies. Although I’ll bet some Republican dudes wouldn’t be above a little canoodling with this former centerfold model after last night!


Scott Brown roars to Senate upset win [Boston Herald]

“Blanche Lincoln should look at this and realize if Democrats can’t win in Massachusetts, she can’t win in Arkansas.” [Gilbert Baker vis Jason Tolbert on Twitter]

Brown’s victory ending super majority seems “overstated” [Max Brantley, Arkansas Times]

Sen. Jim Webb: Suspend votes on health care until Brown is seated [Politico]

Rep. Barney Frank: Our approach to health care “no longer appropriate” [Huffington Post]

Brown: Democrats will pay in November if his seating is delayed [Associated Press]

Nagourney: What a difference a year makes: Brown win leaves Obama with tough choices [New York Times]

Change bites back [Politico]

One Year Later, Dems’ Dream Deferred [RealClearPolitics]

What Does Obama Do Now? [RealClearPolitics]

Voters Send Washington a Ringing Message [Boston Globe]

Massachusetts Voters Tea Off on Obama [New York Post]

Dems Should Still Pass Health Reform [Washington Post]

No Obama Obits, Please [New York Observer]

Obama Needs to Fight Back [The Guardian]

Win Sends Shock Waves Through Blue-State Races [Kyle Trygstad, RCP]

Blame the Left for Massachusetts [Wall Street Journal]


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  1. […] Word on the street is that Wills is looking at recent successful campaigns for ways to distinguish himself as the front runner. In fact, he’s been closely studying the Massachussetts Senate race last week for tips on how Republican Scott Brown pulled a shocker upset over Democrat Martha Coakley, and doing everything he can to replicate the Brown playbook: […]

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