Before the Keynote: Last-minute News, Rumors; Also: How Will Twitter Hold Up Under the iPad Juggernaut?

Today’s highly anticipated Apple event has been buzzed about for months, and today’s the big day. The event gets underway at noon local time and is sure to be the most discussed, blogged, live-blogged and tweeted event since probably Election Night 2008. We’ve already been writing about it. And many wonder: Whose speech will everyone be talking about tomorrow? Barack Obama’s or Steve Jobs?

Looking to keep with the tablet news? You can check Gizmodo’s liveblog here, probably the best place for live updates and photos as the event unfolds. Engadget’s liveblog, also sure to be very good, will be available here. Both will start before the official event.

Apple January Event

Noon today

Gizmodo notes that it will also be providing updates to Facebook here and via Twitter here. Engadget will do the same.

Last minute rumors, reports? We got ’em:

Textbook maker McGraw-Hill confirms on CNBC that tablet is coming (video) – Engadget

Wall Street Journal reports Apple pricing for books on the tablet platform, $12.99 or $14.99 for hardcovers – Engadget

Apple tablet in the wild? Engadget thinks these images might be legit – Engadget

New iPhone OS could be coming Wednesday, according to edited Apple terms for app developers – Gizmodo

Will connect via Wifi and 3G, 10-inch screen – New York Times

Verizon and AT&T might carry the tablet – Fox News

Will the tablet be the newest item in Jack Bauer’s gadget bag? – Gizmodo

New version of iLife? iPhone 4? – Techtorial

Many more rumors – Gizmodo

You got predictions? Things you’d like to see in the new device? Let us know in comments.

Thar She Blows!

Meanwhile, we wonder, how will the Internets hold up during all this madness? Specifically, how long before Twitter goes all Fail Whale on us during the keynote?

We’ll take your bets below:


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