Bill Halter’s Having the Best Week Ever. And It’s Only Tuesday

Not to be overly effusive or anything, but damned if the first going-on-48-hours of Bill Halter’s U.S. Senate candidacy hasn’t been downright flawless.

Let’s consider the two solid days of media coverage he’s getting. Let’s consider that slick TV ad he unveils tonight. Let’s marvel at how he spends 15 minutes with the press saying everything and yet nothing about Health Care, Card Check and Cap-n-Trade. See him score the easy points of the day.

Watch as the Lt. Governor nobly completes his filing form in the stone-quiet Capitol Rotunda today, unfettered by crowds — a mere 24 hours after that damnable knot of sweaty politicos, camera lights, dirty bloggers and rowdy voters besieged incumbent Democratic U.S. Sen. Blanche Lincoln’s march to the starting gate.

Blanche! Who last night on the local news looked as if she was giving the weather report in a hurricane.

And now, millions of dollars (reportedly) pouring into Halter’s coffers. His TV ads — airing unanswered by the incumbent — start tonight. The smiling Halter, on the 50 yard line, planning a quarterback sneak while his coach barks encouragement all folksy-like from sidelines.

And our last televised image of Lincoln, hunkered over an awkward card table in the corner of Capitol, filing paperwork amid the echos. “Bye-bye Blanche! Bye-bye Blanche!”

A study in contrasts.

It won’t be an easy run for Halter (as the AP’s Andrew DeMillo notes). But he’s off to a good start.

After the jump, Bill Halter talks to the press about card check and health care, along with links to other clips.

From Arkansas Business:


The Tolbert Report, the full news conference in two parts.


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