Politico On Lincoln, Halter and What It Means to be an Arkansas Democrat

In my quick analysis on Today’s THV about Friday night’s Democratic U.S. Senate debate, I noted one of the dominant themes of the evening was what it meant to be a Democrat. It’s a banner all three candidates — Blanche Lincoln, Bill Halter and D.C. Morrison — hold high, but each is of varying shades of blue.

Politico’s David Cantanese, one of Friday night’s four debate inquisitors, says today that the entire race hinges on this definition, with Arkansas Democratic primary voters faced with a choice between Lincoln’s “traditional Arkansas Democratic establishment — socially conservative, business-friendly, pragmatic and loyal” and Halter’s “progressive movement — pro-labor, anxious for change and eager for bolder strokes.”

Morrison’s brand of Democrat — conservative to a shade of purple and ready to dismantle the Fed and install the “fair tax” — is left unmentioned in Cantanese’s assessment, but I’d wager that for those few Democrats inclined to the Tea Party, it’s viable option. He’s certainly the race’s bona fide outsider in this year of anti-incumbent sentiment.

Of course, Cantanese also identifies another factor in the race beside lofty ideology — ambition. There’s some choice comments from Arkansas Chamber of Commerce President Randy Zook — a Lincoln supporter — on that subject. They will surprise no one from Arkansas.

Cantanese’s full article here.


John Brummett notes the same Politico piece here with thoughts on Lincoln’s self-proclaimed liberalism.


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