Just Puttin’ That Out There: Jeff Hankins’ Election Predictions

I’m not sure I’m knowledgeable — or even brave — enough to put my Tuesday predictions out there. But give me a few hours and I night summon at least some ignorant courage.

In the meantime, check out election predictions from my boss, Arkansas Business Publisher Jeff Hankins, who’s not buying that this anti-incumbency fever now sweeping the nation will take hold in Arkansas. Among his last-minute calls:

  • Blanche Lincoln has a chance to win the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate outright tomorrow night. The case for Halter isn’t compelling enough for voters.
  • John Boozman wins outright in his bid the Republican nomination for Senate.
  • Tim Wooldridge and Chad Causey are in a runoff for Marion Berry’s old District 1 seat.
  • Robbie Wills is in a runoff with David Boling, or Joyce Elliott, in the Democratic bid for Vic Snyder’s District 2 seat.
  • Also: Faulkner County? Super-crucial in Tuesday night’s action.

To read more of Hankins’ predictions — including more reasons why business doesn’t like him! — click here.


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