#ARElections: Lincoln, Halter in Runoff; Other U.S. House Races Go Back to Voters in June

Our live election coverage on ArkansasBusiness.com and THV2.com has ended. But many of the races have not!

Blanche Lincoln and Bill Halter have three more weeks of fightin’ to do for the Democratic nomination for the U.S. Senate

Fellow Democrats Robbie Wills and Joyce Elliott will also battle it out for District 2 in a campaign that will take central Arkansas by storm.

And Tim Wooldridge and Chad Causey will face each other again as they seek to replace Marion Berry in District 1.

(I called all that!)

So what happens while all these Democrats bloody each other for the next three weeks?

In the quest for the U.S. Senate seat, Republican John Boozman kicks back and relaxes. He wins outright tonight. (I didn’t call that.)

Many thanks to those who followed us on Today’s THV, ArkansasBusiness.com and on Twitter during our live coverage. A big night! More to talk about in the days ahead.


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