It’s That Time of Year Again

The Football Preview

The Football Preview

Coming in July.

Arkansas Business Investigates Disciplinary Inconsistencies at the Arkansas Medical Board

I’m really not an impartial observer here, but this week’s edition of Arkansas Business has to be one of the strongest I’ve seen in 10 years working as the paper’s Internet Editor. And the centerpiece of this edition is Mark Friedman’s in-depth look at the Arkansas Medical Board’s inconsistent track record of disciplinary action.

We start with Dr. Randeep Mann, who allegedly car bombed the head of the state medical board. Despite that — plus accusations that he over-prescribing medications that led to the deaths of 10 of his patients — Mann still has his medical license. And there are other strange cases to boot.

The lead:

Before being accused of bombing the car of the chairman of the Arkansas State Medical Board, Dr. Randeep Mann of Russellville was accused of over-prescribing medications that led to the deaths of 10 of his patients.

Yet he is still a licensed physician in Arkansas while doctors whose transgressions seem far less serious – having a consensual affair with a patient that led to marriage, for instance – have had their licenses yanked.

Arkansas Business reviewed the board’s files on several doctors and found startling inconsistencies in the way doctors are held accountable, a situation that the Arkansas Supreme Court described as “arbitrary and capricious” in one case and which other researchers found to be common across the country.

You can see the full four-part package via the links here, including a look at the board’s “conspiracy of silence” and one legislator’s attempt to prevent a private attorney from representing the Arkansas State Medical Board.

Also This Week

This is fun. Remember Michael J. Wasserman’s proposed constitutional amendment to allow casinos in Arkansas? Sam Eifling sent copies to gambling experts, who “were gobsmacked by the proposal, which they described as so tilted toward the casino operator that it would be unprecedented, if not completely unrealistic.” The word “silly” is also used.

And talk about “creative deal making.” A lawsuit that revealed the broken personal and professional relationship between Rick Ferguson and Steve Wortman provides some interesting glimpses into property valuations in west Little Rock’s fanciest digs.

Oops! They forgot to include The Morning News in this year’s Arkansas Press Association guide. “They” meaning the folks at Northwest Arkansas Newspapers, which now controls the 30,000-circ. newspaper.

And the list of the state’s biggest hotels.

And for the Golfers!

Included in this weeks’ Arkansas Business: The Executive Golfer! You can see it all online here, along with a link to a digital edition. Includes the directory of Arkansas golf courses, a profile of pro Bryce Molder, profiles of top executive golfers, the results of our readers poll of the state’s top courses and much much more.

Ryan Mallett Stays at the University of Arkansas: Listen to Audio of the Announcement

Ryan Mallett of the University of Arkansas Razorbacks

Ryan's hope

Should he stay or should he go? After that frigid Saturday in Memphis, wasn’t it obvious? Today, University of Arkansas QB Ryan Mallett made it official, calling eager ears to the Hill to confirm that, yep, he’s still on board and not-yet-NFL bound.

So Arkansas fans can at last breathe a sigh of relief. Meanwhile, Editor Jim Harris notes how Mallett scored crucial points in announcing his decision, not only in the PR, score-some-time-on-ESPN-and-the-sports-section sense, but in the way he came off polished and assured in the Friday afternoon news conference. Prepped or not, Mallett came off, dare-he-say-it (yes, he dare!) Tebow-esque.

He said all the right things. He didn’t repeat himself, he didn’t seem distant, and he didn’t come across like an arrogant star. Mallett has this kind of cool, hip vocal delivery most of the time, but he came across almost Tim Tebow-like, or at least like someone who might command the kind of attention Tebow has for the past three years.

So there’s that.

You can listen to audio clips of today’s news conference here. Now I suppose everyone can really start talking about next season. It’s going to be a looong time ’til September.

Follow @ArkSports360 for Liberty Bowl High-, Lowlights

Houston Nutt won his today in the most boring Cotton Bowl in recent memory. With OSU unable to get it done despite choice turnovers, Houston gets another “special” victory and, I think, goes 2-fer-2 in bowls while at Ole Miss.

But who cares? Let’s go to the action in Memphis, where it’s so cold Mallet can barely throw the football. This is also shaping up to be a barn-burner. Fans in the frigid stands are pinning their hopes on by-God Eddie Money to get things started, even though he’s appearing sans Ronnie Spector.

At any rate, get the play-by-play on today’s game via Twitter from @ArkSports360 and @cbahn, who’s got his long- handles on today for sure. Stay frosty!

The Friday Week in Review: You Lie! Edition

(via Robert Blake)

(via Robert Blake)

It’s Friday, and time for another long look back at a brutal week in politics, sports and the Web. We’re going to try for a reasoned, respectful debate here, so no shouting! But feel free to call us out in comments if we start going on about death panels. Remember: There remains some significant details to work out.

Here we go:

He’s soooo coy. Tim Griffin tells The Tolbert Report he’s seriously considering running against Vic Synder.

Kim Hendren confirms — again! — that he’s running against Blanche Lincoln just like everyone else is.

In the midst of the flap over Obama’s brainwashing speech to America’s kids, Blake Rutherford says the Republican Party has resorted to silliness. And that was before Wednesday night.

Rhett Hatcher is to iMovie as David Kinkade is to Photoshop. Artists and their canvases.

This might very well happen.

Punxsutawney Pel finally rears his head to talk about ugly sexual assault allegations involving Razorbacks basketball players but leaves the local media out of it. Meanwhile, Courtney Fortson’s tweet resurfaces (teh Internets, they don’t forget!) to add insult to injury.

Bloghawgs media baron Brett Kincaid faces off against Alice “Media Consultant * Journalist” Stewart on “Today’s THV This Morning” re: aforementioned Obama school speech tomfoolery. Punditry at its finest.

The Angry Czech on the tarnishing of The Presidentialâ„¢ brand.

Rex Nelson previews his Saturday Arkansas Democrat-Gazette column. Don’t let Walter catch you giving away that free content!

There was a Twestival in Little Rock, and it raised money for Reach Out and Read Arkansas.


Get a account and start running the numbers

No jacket required.

Friday Week In Review: Who Will Wear the Crown? Edition



Now that the Great Northwest Arkansas Newspaper War is settled, we can move on to other, more important forms of media self-destruction, like giving away all our online content for free!

Here now, at no extra charge, is a loving look back at the Week The Way It Was, Not Necessarily How We’d Like It To Have Been:

To paraphrase one Morning News commenter, “Competing horse and buggy-makers combine. Big news.” Our coverage, in three parts: The Announcement. The Questions. Some Answers. More questions!

Blake Rutherford on how President Obama doesn’t really want to poison the fragile little minds of our nation’s children with his “speeches” about the “importance” of “education.” Don’t believe him!

David Kinkade and legislative pal Dan Greenberg give House Speaker Robbie Wills the business over Wills’ plan to turn the House information arm over to a public relations consultant to “to advocate the objectives of the leadership of the House of Representatives.” Tolbert piles on, too!

Political junkies can’t believe their good fortune now that Glbert Baker’s officially in the race for Blanche Lincoln’s U.S. Senate seat. Others, like fell0w-candidate Conrad Reynolds, are just confused as to why.

It’s time for football, and’s Jim Harris and KATV’s Steve Sullivan are here to talk us through it.

Oh — here’s who’s supposed to win this week.

Twestival! There’s gonna be one, and to celebrate, Arkansas bloggers are blogging for their favorite charity, Reach Out and Read Arkansas. Among them: Alex Cone and Tsudo.

Entrepreneurs take note: This is one man who will not participate in your recession.

Nick Snowball sticks up for his former employer.


A man of influence.

The night Peggy smoked out with Miles Fisher.

Friday Week in Review: Pouring One Out for Teddy K.

Recovering after a plane crash

Recovering after a plane crash

And there you have it. Another week in the can, another Kennedy cast off this mortal coil. Other stuff happened too, and there were blogs that wrote about it. Let us reminisce …

Walter Hussman spread the gospel of No Free Meal on the Internets.

Blake Rutherford remembered Ted Kennedy (how could anyone forget?) and shared some classic clips of the Lion in Arkansas, waaay back in the day.

Another week, another poll claiming Blanche Lincoln will be run out of town on a rail. Zack Stovall is unmoved. And the Tolbert Report makes like Matt Drudge with the unflattering photos.

Someone else is running for Congress! But not against Blanche!

Mike Beebe can do no wrong.

Robert Blake talks about Tumblr and how he plans to marry Tumblr one day, he loves it so much.

Freeman Hunt has more on protests against government-run health care.

Some blogger with ESPN said something about the Hogs or whatever.


Dark side of the Shaq