The Swepco Plant, the Economy, Lu Hardin and the Lottery on ‘Arkansas Week’



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Tonight’s “Arkansas Week” on AETN features me, David Sanders of Stephens Media and Rick Fahr of the Log Cabin Democrat, along with host Steve Barnes. On the docket tonight: Swepco’s plan to appeal a ruling that revoked the company’s permit to build a $1.6 billion coal-fueled power plant near Fulton in Hempstead County; former University of Central Arkansas President Lu Hardin’s new job at Palm Beach Atlantic University in Florida; today’s national unemployment numbers; and Powerball (!) and the Arkansas lottery.

Check the show — which we taped on Thursday — at 8 p.m. tonight.

Moritz, Keith and Thompson on ‘Arkansas Week’ Tonight



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Arkansas Business Editor Gwen Moritz takes her turn at the table on tonight’s “Arkansas Week,” hosted by Steve Barnes on AETN. Also on the panel, David Keith of the University of Central Arkansas communications department and Doug Thompson of Stephens Media Group.

Tops among the agenda tonight: UCA’s offer to Dr. Allen C. Meadors to become its next president and take over the post left vacant by Lu Hardin’s resignation in August.

Check it out, 8 p.m. on your local AETN affiliate.

Hankins, Keith and Fahr on ‘Arkansas Week’

Arkansas' news week-in-review

Arkansas' news week-in-review

Tonight, Arkansas Business President and Publisher Jeff Hankins, Rick Fahr of the Log Cabin Democrat in Conway and David Keith of the University of Central Arkansas join Steve Barnes on AETN’s “Arkansas Week” to review The Week That Was.

Judging by tonight’s show synopsis, Barnes takes the high road on the “tea party” jokes, where others in our profession decidedly did not:

(Lottery) The men and women who’ll oversee state-sponsored gambling. (TEA) Lipton or Luzianne, or Earl Grey? (Cuba, si?) Are Arkansas exporters inching closer to a new nearby market? (Cuba libre?) And are Arkansas imbibers getting an extra day to belly up?

Listen to audio of tonight’s program right now here, and watch video here.

Thanks for Listening to Our ‘Idol’ Chatter on B98.5 (Includes Audio)

On the wipe board today at B 98.5.

On the wipe board today at B 98.5.

Thanks again to Jeff Matthews and Lisa Fischer of B 98.5’s Morning Rush for having Blake Rutherford and I on today to talk “American Idol,” Twitter and, yes, crock pot recipes.

In case you missed this morning’s segment and/or didn’t want to risk a pile-up on I-40 while furiously scribbling down our crock pot recipes (mine: a cranberry smothered pork tenderloin; Blake’s: something for drunks), Jeff and Lisa have archived audio of our appearance right here. Individual clips:

On last night’s ‘American Idol’

On Twitter and social media

On crock pot recipes

You’ll want to listen again and again!

Meanwhile, you can follow Jeff on Twitter @jeffmatthews, and B 98.5 @b985. And for some great running commentary on our appearance, check Kinkade, Parham and Stovall. No mercy from these guys.

The (Revised) State Budget and More on ‘Arkansas Week’


The end is near! The end of the session, that is. With the lottery now official and the grocery tax in the books, the bigger issues of the 87th General Assembly have been tucked away. But there’s one lingering piece of big business.

The state budget! Small detail.

On this week’s “Arkansas Week,” we talk about the revised state budget, the hazards of ethics legislation, college tuition for immigrants and death penalty. At the table with host Steve Barnes this week: me, Kelly MacNeil of KUAR radio and John Williams of the Arkansas Times.

Catch the show at 8 p.m. on your local AETN affiliate. Or, listen to the show now here or watch video here.

Lincoln, Lottery, DeMillo, Dumas, Sanders on ‘Arkansas Week’

Tonight's topics, via @djsanders

Tonight's topics, via @djsanders

It’s Friday in Arkansas, and that means “Arkansas Week.” Tonight’s panel: Andrew DeMillo of the Associated Press, Ernie Dumas of the Arkansas Times and David Sanders of the Arkansas News Bureau and, of course, the Arkansas Twittersphere, who relays tonight’s topics above.

Watch the show at 8 p.m. on your local AETN affiliate. Or listen to the audio or watch video now.

P.S. And if you get a chance, peep Sanders’ new Twitter page background. That look is so “Blue Steel”!

Major Job Losses, State Revenue and the Legislative Session on ‘Arkansas Week’


Update: Listen to audio, see video of tonight’s show.

It’s Friday, so you know what that means: “Arkansas Week”! Steve Barnes hosts another panel of Arkansas journalists to discuss The Week That Was. On tonight’s episode, me, John Williams and Brenda Blagg try to put the whole messy affair into some perspective. The topics:

Today’s painful U.S. unemployment numbers, which showed 650,000 jobs were eliminated last month, taking the unemployment rate to 8.1 percent — the highest it’s been since 1983. But: Wal-Mart wins!

The February state revenue report. We’re still waiting for the bottom to follow out, and experts say we’ll certainly see it happen soon, if not this year, definitely 2010. On the bright side: We can still cut the grocery tax! As for the other tax cuts — well …

Concealed weapons! A snarky blog post leads to possible legislation that will limit public access to information on who’s packin’. Also wasting legislators’ time: Another fruitless go-round with the Equal Rights Amendment.

And: Legislation to limit teenagers’ driving and our slow, wobbly march to alcohol sales on Sunday.

Plus: Only a passing reference to state lottery. An improvement!

Catch “Arkansas Week” tonight at 8 p.m. on your local AETN affiliate.